The premiere of The Lappetites opera FATHERS took place in Nov 2009 at HKW, Berlin.

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Fathers - a new opera by the Lappetites 2009. Pre-Show Trailer

The project combines digital music composition, cultural observation, moving image, live visualization, video, documentary, fantasy, autobiographical interpretations, communication, projection, performance as well as crossing over into classical opera.

Fathers is structured from an overture and 9 scenes, all being ensemble stage scenes with the final one presented by a choir.

Scene 1 Roots, Wurzeln, Kongen
Scene 2 Survival, Uberleben, Seizon Shukumei
Scene 3 Body Maps, Koerperkarten, Shintai zu
Scene 4 Love, Liebe, Ai
Scene 5 Beliefs, Glauben, Shinkou
Scene 6 Meeting, Begegnung, Deai
Scene 7 Father Daughter Axis, Vater-Tochter-Achse, Chichi Musume No Souguu
Scene 8 Illusions, Illusionen, Genkaku
Scene 9 Death, Tod, Shi

The stage uses three back projection screens (3 screens with 16:9 ratio) and a moving gauze (6x10m) at the front of the stage, as well as slide projectors, rotating motors, and crystals for projection, 4 video projectors and a multichannel sound system. Video and spatialation is realized live in the performance space from the performers. The performers are 3 Lappetites as daughters , 3 male opera singers as the fathers, 1 Lappetite as video performer and a choir. All pieces are collectively written by The Lappetites via internet collaboration, in total 19 new compositions, of which 4 are performed entirely live and 10 songs sung by the daughters and fathers and the choir.

Following 5 years researching the lives of their own fathers, a high ranking officer in the East German Army, an English arable farmer born on the land he still works, and a Korean business man emigrated to Japan, the Lappetites filtered real and historical material through current and digital transformations to tell a series of tales, sometimes tri-fold, sometimes singular, framed by the narrative, translating the cultural distances.

Production/Direction/Audio/Video : The Lappetites
Opera singers: Johannes Kuehn, Sascha Boerris, Clemens Gnad
Choir: the choir of the House of the World Cultures directed by: Phillip Neumann
Stage Technicians: Hermann Volkery, Adrian Pilling, Jason Dorn, Benjamin Brandt
Lighting: Andre Schulz
Sound: Matthias Hardenberger
Clothes of the Lappetites: Uli Dziallas and the Lappetites

Thanks to the fathers: Richard Matthews, Takeo Nemoto, Juergen Greie

Thanks to HKW and Kontraste Krems

contact: lappetites at, more